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Math to fit your personal style
and unique students.

Life of Fred

... As Serious as It Needs to Be.

Life of Fred Mathematics

Life of Fred Honey

Life of Fred Honey teaches beginning mathematics
Life of Fred: Honey

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This book covers beginning mathematics including . . .

Unlike all other math programs, this one also teaches about:
• A Real Education Is Both Broad and Deep
• Thirty-six Shades of Blue
• Having a Job that Matters
• Developing Character
• Time Zones in the U.S.
• The Milky Way
• Protons in the Observable Universe
• Atoms
• Periodic Table of the Elements
• Varieties of Houses
• Bragging
• Mysteries in Life
• Hip Fractures
• Why English Teachers Have It Rougher Than Math Teachers
• What Happens When You Squeeze Your Toothpaste Tube Four Times Harder Than Normal
• Reading Graham Greene's The Heart of the Matter in German
• A Balance in Life
• Four Answers to Where Honey Comes From
• Four Answers to Where Do Bees Live
• Why Bees Don't Make Honeycombs in the Shape of Squares
• Smelting Iron Ore
• What You Add to Iron to Make Steel
• Buying Flash Cards vs. Making Them
• How Far the Netherlands Is from Holland
• Becoming an Apiarist
• Farther vs. Further
• Checklist for Starting a Business
• Penciling out a Proposed Business
• Why Not to Become a Typewriter Manufacturer
• The Drawbacks to Ignoring Reality
• Why Fred Can't Get a Credit Card
• Looking Back at Mistakes We Have Made in Life
• The Past Tense of mimic
• What Magic Really Means

The answers are included in the textbook.

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Life of Fred Honey is a hardcover textbook containing 128 pages. This book is not consumable. All answers are written on separate paper or in a notebook. It is designed to be read with the student.

Life of Fred Honey contains 19 lessons and is designed to take approximately one month to complete.