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Prayers at 8:30

Prayers That Change the One Who Prays Them

Prayers at 8:30
Prayers at 8:30

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Stan Schmidt, the author of Life of Fred Math, has written a non-math book. Prayers at 8:30 is an illustrated collection of 104 prayers unlike those you hear on Sunday morning. They are written to change your life.

The prayers in this book contain phrases such as:
• You are all the love songs of the universe
• washing dishes in a hotel kitchen in Detroit
• an eight-bedroom mansion on Gold Street
• the devil and all his iniquitous minions
• if our calendars read 60 BC
• mud and broken glass
• You are not the wimp that hides behind the wallpaper
• if we elect not to call You "Boss"
• that we might be energetic arsonists
• the laughter of grandchildren
• melted butter over potatoes

Some of those who are members of the choir with Stan have reported that they thought all week about what was prayed.

Taken from the introduction to Prayers at 8:30

"We stand naked in front of God. We can hide no secrets. And when we pray, it might not be fitting to hide behind the mask of words that don't reflect the reality of who we are and what we are feeling.*

On the Wednesday evenings at the end of choir practice, when our choir director would turn to me and say 'Stan, would you led us in prayer,' it was me who was praying** - so the thoughts and how those thoughts were expressed were mine.

It's tough - no, impossible - to lead group prayer and do it right for everyone. I can't apologize for these prayers that are reproduced in the pages that follow. But I can warn you that it was Stan who was talking. If you can pray along with me when I say, 'If we eat dessert, let it be to Your Glory," or "O Master Architect, You give us windows and doors," then enjoy what follows.

On the other hand, if you are like the zillions of choir members who thought, 'Why does the choir director keep asking Stan?' I certainly can see your point of view.

All the best to you,

* How many of us would frame our thoughts: Eternal Ground of Being who has been exalted in diverse times and places, we beseech thee, leave us not comfortless but vouchsafe to us thy Paraclete to succor us in our afflictions that we may abide in the consolation of Thy promises, etc?

** There are several English teachers in our congregation who would cringe at what I just wrote. With a pencil they would amend: it was me I who was praying."

Prayers at 8:30 is a hardcover book containing 104 prayers. Each prayer has a matching illustration. Also included is a very comprehensive concordance that will enable you to find a specific prayer if you know a few words from it.

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